Jenny Nix, Broker Associate

Being someone naturally drawn to 30A for its beauty, Jenny Nix relocated to Florida in 2022 to help others get the opportunity to experience the environment that she enjoys daily. 

Jenny is a seasoned broker associate and former brokerage owner with multiple decades of experience. With roots in Atlanta Georgia's real estate market before moving to Europe, it was important for Jenny to work at an international luxury brokerage to tie in her experience abroad and keep the door open for her clients across the ocean following her return to the USA. Today, she keeps her licenses in both Florida as well as Georgia. 

Something unique that Jenny offers aside from her experience and professionalism, is her eye for detail. As an artist, Jenny has a passion for home staging and interior decor. She has a determination to not only make her clients' homes stand out, but is also particularly talented at providing her buyers style suggestions to turn their new house into personalized homes. 

Whether you're looking to buy or sell, Jenny is a strong advocate for your customized real estate experience.

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