10 Things Only Beach Dwellers Know

Posted by Go To The Beach Christie's on Monday, June 13th, 2016 at 11:12pm.

1.  The beach is nice all year long; not just in summer.

Often the best time at the beach is during the fall and spring when the crowds are less and the beach is quieter. Putting on a cozy sweater and walking the beach with a mug of coffee is one of life's greatest pleasures.

 2.  Most problems can be solved with some beach time and a sunset.

It's amazing what a little beach time can do for a foul mood or anxious mind.  The meditative qualities of the sand, surf and sunset can often alleviate most stress and put things in perspective.

 3.  You take it personally when people leave trash on the beach.

We take pride in our beach.  Any trash left behind is unsightly and dangerous to marine life.

4.   If your floors aren't sandy, then you haven't spent enough time at the beach.

Even if you live close to the beach, life's responsibilities can often prevent you from making beach time.  Clean floors are a sure sign that you need to get out and enjoy the beach more!

 5.  Your wardrobe consists of bathing suits, coverups and flip flops.

Any event or weekend away from the beach, usually ends up with a trip to the mall to get something appropriate for a non-beach occasion.

 6.  You can't understand people who don't like to go to the beach.

It's the same for people who don't like chocolate.  Why?

7.   There is always something to do when you live near the beach.

The beach provides so many activities from water sports to boccie ball and so many things in between.  You will never have to think hard about how to spend your free time.

 8.  A meal tastes better on the beach.

Even with a little sand, food just tastes better when you are relaxing at the beach.

 9.  Seeing a dolphin still elicits a tourist like response.

No matter how many times one appears, you will still get excited and motion frantically for everyone around you to see your find.

10.  You can't imagine living anywhere else.

It just never gets old.  Beach living is the best living.

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